Second Chances – Version 2

Remember when you took pictures using film? 24 exposures on a roll, that’s it sister!  What about WAY WAY long ago when you bought flashbulbs for your camera, you’d only have 4 on a strip, then you were done taking pictures. You had to wait to take the film to the store, get it developed, go back to pick up the prints in 4 days and pray to the picture Gods that you had something that resembled a good memory of your trip or special occasion. Today? You can take pictures of anything and everything, with your phone!!!! Hot damn! I have 84 pictures of our 2 cats.

From February.


You get an unlimited number of chances to get the picture right (which incidentally my husband and kids LOVE about digital cameras, Mom gets to take LOTS of shots…good times).  My boys’ teachers often will allow 2nd chances on quizzes, papers, in order to improve their grade.  Riley was a c-section baby, then Alex was a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian, for those who are gynocologically challenged), literally a 2nd chance at having a “normal” birth.  Pretty cool stuff.

Have you ever given someone a 2nd chance? I have. It’s hard work and emotionally taxing to hold a grudge, to hold onto anger. I’ve also NOT given someone a 2nd chance.  Although in retrospect, if I made an actual list, it probably was about the 16th chance when I finally said “done.”  How many chances do we give our kids?  Depends on the violation, right? I told you 3 times to empty the dishwasher, now you lose computer privileges for the night.  You came home 2 hours past curfew, grounded for a week.  Buuuuutttt, then we let them leave the house at some point, that qualifies as a 2nd chance.  I would venture to say that there are actually very few times in my life where I just walked away from someone or something because I felt wronged somehow.  It’s gotta be pretty serious for me to call it quits. Plus, it just feels better to let it go and move on.

Have you ever been given a 2nd chance? I’d bet a million dollars you have. I know I have.  And from lots of different people and events in my life.  Most are little 2nd chances, some are really, really huge.  Size of Texas huge.  I’ve hurt people, knowingly and unknowingly.  I’m not perfect by any stretch.  By definition, you won’t know a 2nd chance is in your future. You may have to ask for it.  Ask for forgiveness. Forgive yourself. In the midst of your personal disaster, whether you brought it on, or you were the unwitting victim, all you feel is the anger or pain. Not knowing that around the corner, one day, is sweet redemption and happiness.  Being given a 2nd chance is a blessing. And so is giving one.

This past weekend, I witnessed a 2nd chance. It was a 2nd chance for both parties.  A 2nd marriage for both.  It’s so easy to judge and speculate about a divorced person from a distance. They cheated, they gave up too easy, they should have stayed for the kids, etc. I personally am working on not judging someone until I’ve been in their shoes.  And not just similar shoes, their ACTUAL shoes.  And since that will never happen, I guess I should just stop judging altogether. Tough gig. I digress…so to see 2 people who went through their own separate 1st chance marriage “failures” come together so beautifully, gives me all the more reason to celebrate the grace of 2nd chances.  They are most certainly different people than when they first married, they learned and matured and have grown into true to life adults.  Perhaps learned what really matters to them and what really doesn’t.  Become more tolerant, become more honest. Isn’t that what 2nd chances are all about?  Looking inside and making a better choice.

“Sometimes you need a second chance because you weren’t quite ready for the first.” -Unknown

We can all learn from our mistakes, change, be better, be different, smarter, true to ourselves and truer to those who are in our lives.  The only constant in life is change, right?  Knowing I am capable of that positive change gives me all the more reason to believe in 2nd chances for everyone.  I know I need them and I know I need to give them.  We all deserve them.

I took 412 pictures of that wedding on Saturday.  85% of those were 2nd chance pictures 🙂


One thought on “Second Chances – Version 2

  1. This was great! Thank you so much for sharing! I was married before to a person who emotionally abused me until the day I left. Now, I am preparing to marry the most amazing man! I’m so thankful for second chances and the opportunity to find happiness again! 🙂

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