Hello world!

Hi, my name is Rose and I love to talk. To write. To opine.  I think that’s why I’m going to try blogging. I think. My life is a chaotic, brilliant, sparkling, hysterical heap of wonderful. Usually. I think my life is interesting.  My 3 sons, Riley, Alex and Matthew, 16, 14 and 12 respectively, make sure that I am on my toes all the time.  And I have my supremely awesome husband of 20 years, Brendan, to thank for them.  More on them later.

I post a lot of my thoughts on Facebook currently, and I get a lot of responses echoing support, familiarity, concern, etc.  Truth is, I am not looking for hoorahs or pats on the back, usually putting my thoughts to paper helps me sleep at night.  Helps me cope.  Helps me feel normal.  Helps me.   There are a lot of topics I feel I could write about: family, money, work, being a Mom, being a wife, being me, friends, and most recently, high cholesterol. If politics is your thing, you probably won’t find any rants here.  But if kids that don’t put the cereal box back in the pantry really gets under your skin, then you and I are going to be fast friends.

I have discovered that the older one gets, the more mental organization must take place.  It doesn’t seem like information falls away when new information is brought into the fold of my life.  The proverbial mountain of emotions and activities and everyday life just gets bigger.  And not all the layers are nice raspberry filling or chewy nougat, there are ugly things there, like layers of mistakes, sorrow, and regret.  Being good at life to me, means climbing this ever growing mountain and trying to do better every day.  I want more layers of chocolate and less layers of shit.  So that’s what I’m going to write about, all my chocolate and all my shit.  Well, maybe not all of it.

Things to consider about me to see if you want to continue on my blogging journey:

1. I like wine.

2. I swear. A lot.

3. I can be really emotional.

4. I’m sarcastic.

5. I love wine.

6. I’m not perfect.

7. I think I’m smart, but that probably isn’t true all the time.

8. Did I mention the wine thing?

9. I’m pretty enamored with my family, I think they’re pretty great (when they aren’t leaving cereal boxes out anyway)

10. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

So it begins.  Hope you’ll join me.


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